Countdown Timer

Timer size
Millisecond display
Sound effect

How to use the countdown timer

A timer that easily counts down by setting the time and clicking "Start".

It is a convenient tool that can be used on the web and can measure even while the browser is closed.

timer time setting

Select "Hours", "Minutes", "Seconds" and click the "Set" button to set the selected time.
Alternatively, click the "+5 minutes" or "−1 minute" button to increase or decrease by that amount.

Start, stop

Click the "Start" button to start the countdown and decrease the time.

Clicking the "Stop" button during the countdown will pause the countdown and stop the timer.
Click the "Start" button again to resume from the remaining time where it was interrupted.

Click the "Clear" button to stop the countdown and return to 0 seconds.


Clicking the "Reset" button resets the previously set time.
If you want to countdown the same time again, you can easily set it.

If you press the "Reset" button while the timer is running, the timer will start running from the previous time.


Since the timer information is saved in the browser, the remaining time is saved even if the browser is closed during the countdown.
When the same page is opened again, the elapsed time is measured, and if time remains, the countdown continues.

If the countdown time reaches 0 seconds while the browser is closed, no message will be displayed.


Timer size

You can change the font size of the timer by moving the slider.

Millisecond display

Change to "Show" to display milliseconds.In the case of "Hide", it will display up to the second.


You can choose whether or not to display a message when the countdown is over.

Sound effect

You can choose whether or not to play a sound effect when the countdown ends.

Save settings

The content you set by selecting hours, minutes, and seconds, as well as settings for time notation and stoppage, are saved in the browser.
Even if you close the browser once, you can easily start the countdown again with the same settings.