Countdown Timer

Hour Minute Second
Millisecond Display
When stopped
Timer Size

How to use the countdown timer

Simply set the time and click Start to easily count down.

Timer Setting

Select the hour, minute and second and click the "Set" button to set the selected time.
Or click the "+1 minute" or "+5 minute" button to increase or decrease the time.

Start, Stop

When you click the "Start" button, the countdown starts and the time decreases.
If you click the "Stop" button during the countdown, the countdown will be paused and stopped.
Click the "Start" button again to restart the countdown from where you left off.
Click the "Reset" button to stop the countdown and return to 0 seconds.
Since the countdown information is stored in the browser, it counts down while the browser is closed.
If time remains when the same page is opened again, the countdown continues.


Millisecond Display

By changing to "Display", it will display up to milliseconds.

Time Notation

You can select the time format from "1/1/2019" and "1 January 2019".

When stopped

You can choose whether or not to display a message when the countdown is over.


When the countdown is over, you can choose whether to play a sound effect or not.

Timer Size

You can change the size of the timer text by moving the slider.

Save settings

The contents set by selecting the hour, minute and second, the time notation and stop settings, etc. are saved in the browser, so you can easily start the countdown again with the same settings.


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