No. Lap Split
Millisecond Display
Split Display
Timer Size

How to use the stopwatch

Click the "Start" button to start the stopwatch and measure the time.

Stop, Reset

During operation, click the "Stop" button to pause the stopwatch.
If the "Start" button is clicked again during the stop, it will start moving from the stop time.
Clicking the "Reset" button stops the measurement and returns the time to zero.

Lap, Split

If you click the "Lap / Split" button while measuring time, the lap and split times will be displayed.Each time it is pressed, the lap and split times are added and displayed in the list.If you click the "Lap / Split" button while measuring time, the lap and split times will be displayed.Clicking the "Reset" button will also delete the measured lap and split times.


This is the time between clicking the "Start" button and clicking the "Lap / Split" button.Each time you click the "Lap / Split" button, the time from the start is measured and displayed.


Measures and displays the time from when the "Lap / Split" button was previously pressed until the next time the button was pressed.When "Lap / Split" is pressed for the first time, it will be the same time as the lap because it is the time from the start.


Millisecond Display

By changing to "Display", it will display up to milliseconds.

Time Notation

You can select the time format from "1/1/2019" and "1 January 2019".

Split Display

If you change it to "Display", the time after clicking the "Lap / Split" button will be displayed under the normal timer.Every time you click the "Lap / Split" button, it starts counting from 0.

Timer Size

You can change the size of the timer text by moving the slider.

Save settings

The timer during measurement, the time measured by lap and split, the time notation and stop settings, etc. are saved in the browser, so you can easily start measuring time again with the same settings.


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